Accelerated Reader

     Reading is not just a subject taught at school.  It is a lifelong skill that is critical to succeed in our world.  The Accelerated Reader program (AR) is a motivational program used at Bethel through 8th grade.  Students read books (or are read to) which are listed on the AR quiz list and after completing the book, can take a computer generated test to determine comprehension in reading.  Each book is worth a designated number of points determined by the length of the book (number of words). 

  • Books are organized by reading level.  Levels are determined by a formula (basically how many syllables in the words within a given passage). A book's interest level is not necessarily reflected in the reading level.
  • Often AR quizzes are purchased in sets.  It is possible that while we have a particular test, our libraries might not have that particular book.  Students do not have to check out the book from our library. If we have the quiz on the computer, students can read their own copy of that book or even check it out from a public library.


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